My Approach

My experience is real and is always your advantage. I will only do the very best for you so my work is quality you deserve. As a true tradesman I hold myself to a high standard. I personally guarantee it.

My Story

Rusty Pipes (Clayton) started working in construction in 1976. He worked on construction sites in the Sacramento area with family and many other tradesmen. His plumbing started in June of 1984 when a previous customer from his high school job Red Hill Pizza in Pomona, CA hired him as a plumbers apprentice. His beginning career as a young plumber started with Sun West Plumbing. Rusty started by hand threading gas pipe on a condominium project along with top out waste and vents and soon copper piping hot and cold water. Rusty’s career as a plumber extended through out the inland empire and eventually throughout most of California north to south but has found his forever home in Huntington Beach. Its now been 34 years I’ve worked as a plumber and I’m proud to say I’m still at it, still learning new things and loving my trade more than ever.

Next Steps…

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